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What are the factors that affect the normal use of the magnetic level gauge

What are the factors that affect the normal use of the magnetic level gauge

If the magnetic level gauge is over a certain length, the ordinary magnetic flap level gauge is over 3 meters, and the anti-corrosion level gauge should be replaced in time if it is over 2 meters. There are also precautions for the installation of the level gauge, especially the place where the level gauge is placed. Avoid and leave the inlet and outlet of the material medium. The purpose of this is to avoid the rapid change of the material and make the measurement of the level gauge inaccurate. .

For the magnetic level gauge, try to avoid humid and rainy places. For those level gauges that should be equipped with remote transmission instruments, their main conduit cannot be wrapped with a genus, so that it is easy to damage the level gauge. The correct way is to wrap it with a non-rusting product. The remote transmission supporting instrument should be tightly attached to the main duct, and must face the main duct firmly and not shake, so that it is qualified.

How to debug is very simple. Open the upper valve first. After the upper valve opens slowly, open the lower valve. Do not open the two valves together. This will damage the level gauge. At the same time, the medium will slowly begin to flow into the main duct at this time. At this time, avoid the excessive inflow of the medium, which affects the normal use of the magnetic level gauge, and will also make the level gauge display unqualified. , Causing interference. Then observe the magnetic red and white balls to see if their operation is normal. After the observation is completed, close the valve and open the drain valve so that the liquid in the main duct will slowly drop. This cycle repeats. After three operations , It can proceed normally.

The level gauge should be cleaned at an appropriate time.



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