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Magnetic level gauge Advantages in storage and irrigation level measurement

Magnetic level gauge. Advantages in storage and irrigation level measurement

The magnetic level gauge is a common level gauge in the current industrial tank level measurement process. Its main advantages are convenient installation, convenient maintenance, cost-effective, and convenient use. It can meet the requirements of conventional level gauges. Require. Let me tell you what are the advantages and advantages of the magnetic level gauge when measuring the tank body level, so that you can choose according to the working conditions.

The magnetic level gauge is one of the common level gauges in the field of liquid level measurement in storage tanks. The seven advantages are as follows.

1. The magnetic level gauge has two installation methods: side-mounted and top-mounted. Either way, the remote transmission device can be bundled, so that the level gauge can display the liquid level on-site and monitor the liquid level remotely. The latter magnetic  level gauge can be called a remote transmission type magnetic level gauge.

2. The magnetic level gauge is also called the magnetic level gauge, the magnetic column level gauge, and the magnetic float level gauge. It uses the principle of magnetic coupling to work. The magnetic level gauge makes up for the glass tube. There are multiple shortcomings that the level gauge cannot work under high temperature and high pressure and is fragile.

3. The magnetic level gauge is a measuring instrument that uses a magnetic float as the sensing element, and reflects the measured liquid level or interface through the magnetic coupling of the magnetic float and the magnetic body in the display color column.

4. The magnetic level gauge indicator is installed on the outside or above the tank to indicate and control the liquid level in the tank. The closed form can be equipped with a drain valve as required. The connecting flange can accept a control instrument for customized liquid level height. The indicator is composed of magnetic color chips. When the magnetic float in the body tube rises with the liquid level, the color chips can be turned over to display the liquid level height. A magnetic switch or remote transmitter can also be installed on the body tube to output switch signals or analog signals. It is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance and other occasions. It can be displayed on site and remotely controlled. The body tube of the magnetic level gauge adopts seamless steel pipe, and the connecting tube adopts pull hole welding, and there is no scratch on the inside. The installation method of the magnetic  level gauge can be side-mounted or top-mounted, and the lower end of the magnetic  level gauge body is sealed.

5. The on-site magnetic level gauge has the advantages of intuitive display, eye-catching, wide viewing angle, compact and reasonable structure, reliable and safe, no "running, emitting, dripping, leaking" phenomenon, low maintenance, low maintenance cost, etc. And its indicating function does not need additional power supply, even if the power supply fails, the liquid level observation will not be affected, and it is an ideal liquid level detection instrument.

6. The magnetic level gauge uses the principle of connecting pipe to ensure that the liquid level between the measured container and the measuring tube body is equal. When the float in the measuring tube changes with the measured liquid level by the same amount, the magnetic body in the float and the display board The magnetic body in the upper display color column turns the color column over, white means no liquid, red means liquid, so as to achieve the value of the local display liquid level.

7. If the magnetic level gauge is equipped with UR type resistance level sensor, or UB type resistance-current level transmitter and (secondary) display instrument, it can complete electric remote transmission and output 4-20mA (or 0 10mA) standard signal to cooperate with recording instrument, or industrial control computer networking



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