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Common sense of using Explosion proof thermocouple and RTD

Common sense of using Explosion proof thermocouple and RTD

1. The Explosion proof thermocouple and thermal resistance should avoid violent collisions and bumps during storage, transportation, carrying, installation and use.

2. When the thermocouple and thermal resistance are placed in the measuring temperature field, avoid sudden cooling and heating.

3. It should reach the specified insertion depth during use, otherwise the accuracy of the measurement cannot be guaranteed.

4. It should be used in accordance with the environment and atmosphere specified by thermocouple and thermal resistance, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life and accuracy.

5. The upper temperature limit of the measured temperature field should be close to two-thirds of the upper limit of the measuring range. Long-term work at the upper limit of the measuring range may affect its life.

6. When installing in a high-temperature environment, the high-temperature strength of the protection tube and the deformation under high-temperature conditions should be fully considered.

7. The influence of thermocouple and thermal resistance lead on measurement accuracy should be fully considered. The connecting wires from thermocouple and thermal resistance to the display or transmitter should be as short as possible and use shielded wires; they should be wired separately from the power wires when in use, otherwise interference will occur and the stability of the display will be affected.



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