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Working principle of Armored RTD

Working principle of Armored RTD

Armored RTD is a kind of temperature sensor. It is smaller in diameter than assembled thermal resistance, easy to bend, and has good shock resistance. It is suitable for installation in occasions where the assembled thermal resistance cannot be installed. The WZPK series of armored RTD produced by our company is imported The thermal resistance temperature measuring element, therefore, has the advantages of accuracy, sensitivity, fast thermal response time, stable quality and long service life.

The outer protective cover of the armored thermal resistance is made of stainless steel and is filled with high-density oxide insulators. Therefore, the Armored RTD has strong anti-pollution performance and mechanical strength, and is suitable for installation in harsh environments.

The Armored RTD can be used to measure the temperature in the range of -200-600℃. It can be directly connected with a copper wire and a secondary instrument. Because the armored thermal resistance has good electrical output characteristics, it can be used as a display instrument, a recorder, and a regulator. , Scanner, data logger and computer provide accurate temperature change signal.

● Working principle

The working principle of the armored thermal resistance: under the action of temperature, the resistance of the thermal resistance wire changes accordingly, and the display instrument will indicate the temperature value corresponding to the resistance value generated by the thermal resistance.

● Main technical indicators

The ratio of the resistance value of the thermal resistance temperature sensor at 100°C (R100) to its resistance R0 at 0°C: (R100/R0), Indexing number Pt100: Grade A ,R0=100±0.06Ω ,Class B R0=100±0.12Ω, R0/R100=1.3850



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