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Product features of Abrasion resistant RTD

Product features of Abrasion resistant RTD


Abrasion resistant RTD is an ideal high-tech category for high-temperature wear-resistant environments such as circulating bed boilers in power plants, boiling boilers, coal gas furnaces, and cement plants series of kiln heads, kiln tails, furnace hoods, and chemical industries Special product, Abrasion resistant RTD series draws on the best of others, uses a unique process formula to produce wear-resistant alloys in the out-of-balance balance. This product is compared with ordinary stainless steel metal and cermet protection tubes. Compared with similar wear-resistant alloy protection tubes on the market, Its service life is increased by 1-5 times. Due to the environmental temperature difference, the temperature control point is too high, the vibration is large, the blower wind speed is too high, and the wear is serious, which makes temperature measurement very difficult, and the service life is very short. The general wear-resistant alloy is only 10 -90 days to wear through damage, bend, break, cause damage to the thermal resistance, bring great losses and unnecessary troubles to users, the G series produced by our company make up for this shortcoming. G series are erosion-resistant and wear-resistant. Abrasion resistant RTD has been used by hundreds of manufacturers and used nearly 10,000 times a year. It has a good response. It has the strength of leading peers on many occasions and is completely comparable to imported products. This product has vibration resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high sensitivity. It has the advantages of good stability, high accuracy and long service life.The wear-resistant thermal resistance is currently the first choice for temperature measurement thermal resistance in high-temperature and wear-resistant fields such as power plants, cement plants, and chemical smelters.

The main technical parameters:

Electrical outlet: M20×1.5, NPT1/2

Hardness of wear-resistant head: HRC60-65

Protection level: IP65



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