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Different models, sizes and materials for magnetic level gauge

                              Different models, sizes and materials for magnetic level gauge 

The magnetic flap level gauge device indicates the liquid level or the liquid-liquid interface through a float in the bypass chamber, which is magnetically coupled with a magnet with a baffle or an externally mounted rail with a refractive index. The magnetic liquid level indicator can work in a wide temperature range and high pressure. It is also a very good device when there is no power supply. Product highlights: Various accessories and options: special materials, valves, insulation, hazardous area certification, limit switches, level transmitters, etc. Housed in a sealed Pyrex flap glass (IP68/NEMA 6-6X) rugged stainless steel design: low maintenance or no maintenance. The high level of visibility indicates that it can work without power. Typical applications are suitable for liquid level applications in non-hazardous and hazardous areas. Storage and processing tanks, storage tanks with clean liquids, hydrocarbons stored in water-based liquids, tank bypass chambers with agitators The magnetic level indicator has different models, sizes and materials.

Each level indicator has its own application. We receive the correct process specifications to choose, and the correct indicators are very important. We can

Supplied, plastic, titanium. temperature. The range is from -100°C to 450°C, pressure/vacuum to 200 bar. The magnetic flap display can be in accordance with DIN 42

The 552 is easily connected to the existing flange connection (retrofit), and the magnetic flap level gauge is used as a substitute for the less durable glass tube display. As flat

Line container, the measuring pipe flange is installed on the tank. The tube contains a cylindrical float made of BUNA N with built-in permanent magnets. External package for measuring tube

Includes display rail with magnetic flaps. The floating magnet of the magnetic flap level gauge displays the magnetic flap 180° in the rail according to the horizontal rotation. In the connecting pipeline, the medium flows into the sewer pipe from the container through the connecting pipeline at the bottom. As a result, the height of the float it contains is always equal to the corresponding system height of the medium in the container. If the liquid level changes, the float moves and is transferred by the magnet integrated in the measuring float.

Move horizontally to the floating indicator. In addition to this, there are optional contact devices, which are also activated by floats. Magnetic transmission is always non-contact, no additional auxiliary power supply is required. The position indicator is connected to the vessel to be monitored through two flanges. The bypass chamber contains a float with the medium to be measured. According to the design, the measuring float can be equipped with a radially symmetrical magnetic system. According to the design, the magnetic indicator of the magnetic flap level gauge, the switch and the measuring element are located outside the bypass chamber. On request, you can also use drain screws or valves and various exhaust options. The robust design allows it to be used in harsh conditions. Many types of process connections and floats meet various industrial requirements. For corrosive media and high working temperature and liquid level measurement, the advanced stainless steel PTFE lining stretching and flanging new technology is adopted to make liquid level measurement without blindness, reliable structure and long service life.

For level measurement of corrosion properties, in addition to on-site instructions, it can also be equipped with remote control transmitters, alarm switches, detection ranges, indicating new, eye-catching readings, observing direction indicators, magnetic flap level gauges according to user needs to change the angle, large measurement Range, from the tank height limit, the magnetic flap level gauge indicating component is completely isolated from the measured medium, so the sealing is good. The magnetic level indicator is an externally installed chamber with a visual indicator that is completely isolated from the processing liquid. Inside the chamber is a magnetic float, which rises and falls with the height of the liquid. When the float moves, it turns the mark in the chamber and marks the level on an external indicator, which is roughly similar to a meter stick. Magnetometers are often used with ventilated or guided wave radars for redundant level measurement. At the very beginning, the magnetic level transmitter was introduced as a substitute for the sight glass. Over time, the glasses will be damaged due to seal leakage, turbidity and breakage; the magnetic flap level gauge technology is not susceptible to these weaknesses. It is very popular in high pressure and corrosive liquid applications. When the application is challenging, magnetic level transmitters can provide consistent and accurate measurements. These devices are usually also used for liquid interface measurement.



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