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What performance characteristics are determined by the technical requirements of integrated thermometers?

Integrated thermometer combines the signal remote transmission function of thermal resistance or thermocouple with the on-site indication function of bimetallic thermometer. It can meet the needs of on-site temperature measurement and remote transmission. Remote transmission bimetallic thermometer can directly measure the temperature of liquid, vapor, gas medium, and solid surface in the range of -40 to 600 ℃ in various production processes.

Technical requirements for integrated thermometers:
1. The integrated temperature transmitter can communicate with the upper computer through a Hart modem or remotely manage, configure, monitor variables, calibrate, and maintain the model, graduation number, and range of the transmitter with handheld devices and PCs;
2. The integrated temperature transmitter can adjust the display direction of the transmitter according to the actual needs of the user, and display the measured medium temperature, sensor value changes, output current, and percentage ratio of the transmitter;
3. The integrated temperature transmitter adopts a silicone rubber or epoxy resin sealing structure, which is shock resistant, moisture resistant, and suitable for installation and use in harsh on-site environments.
4. Installed on-site in the junction box of thermocouples and thermal resistors, it can directly output 4-20mA, 0-10mA output signals. This not only saves expensive compensation wire costs, but also improves the anti-interference ability during long-distance signal transmission;
5. Thermocouple transmitters have automatic compensation function for cold end temperature;
6. High precision, low power consumption, wide temperature range for use, stable and reliable operation;
7. Widely applicable, it can form an integrated on-site installation structure with thermocouples and thermistors, and can also be installed as a functional module in testing equipment and instrument panels.
Performance characteristics of integrated thermometer:
1. It has the characteristics of small temperature measuring probe, high sensitivity, linear scale, and long service life.
2. It has multiple functions such as remote output resistance signal (PT100), seismic resistance, corrosion resistance, and high-power switching signal.
3. The structural form is the same as similar international products and can replace imports.



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