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  • ZJHV Electric ball valve
ZJHV Electric ball valve

ZJHV Electric ball valve

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ZJHV Electric ball valve


ZJHV Electric ball valve is a straight-through type, with large flow, small resistance coefficient, simple structure and convenient maintenance. The sealing ring adopts a special elastic structure, and the ball is hardened. Valves equipped with pneumatic or electric actuators have the advantages of compact structure, good cut-off performance, fast opening and closing, and long service life.

1. The valve body is connected by cast flange, which is of compact structure, small volume and anti-pressure.
2. The material of seat ring includes PTFE and PPL, and PPL can be made for the middle temperature occasions which is less than 320℃.
3. The surface of ball is hard treated, which is grinded, polished, of high degree of finishing and wear resistance.
4. The equal diameter straight through channel of ball is almost the same as the inside diameter of pipe, which is of low flow resistance.
5. Internal installed stem has better safety and rigidness.
6. There is shearing action between ball and seat ring when open or close the valve, which the valve is suitable for the liquid of containing paper pulp, sewage and containing solid particle.
7. The complete machine is fire-proof designed.
8.0Anti-static device can be equipped according to customer's requirement.

Main tech data

Pressure: ANSI150300LB    PN10PN40

Diameter: 1/2”~12”(DN15~DN300)

Connection: Flange

Body: WCB304304L316316L or Required

Characteristic: ON-OFF

Open Ratio: 90°

Seat: Soft seatMetal seatHard treatment

Temperature: Metal seat-60+450℃, Soft seat-20+250℃

Design Std: ASME B16.34  API6D  BS5351  GB/T 12237

Face to face: ASME B16.10  GB/T 12221

Testing: ASME B16.34  GB/T 13927

Leakage: Metal seatANSI Ⅳ, Soft seatANSI Ⅵ

Operating: LeverGearPneumaticElectric

Note:Any special design or question of ZJHV Electric ball valve,kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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