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  • ZJHRF Lining ball valve
ZJHRF Lining ball valve

ZJHRF Lining ball valve

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ZJHRF Lining ball valve


Its design complies with international standards. Actuators are DA, SR and AW, which are widely used worldwide. The cavity of the valve and the ball adopts high-pressure injection molding process, and is lined with corrosion-resistant and anti-aging F46, which has good sealing and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, medicine, electric power and other fields to control or cut off strong corrosive media such as acid and alkali.


ZJHRF Lining ball valve

1. Good sealing performance, zero leakage and long service
2. Two and three pieces type can be used in wide range of application
3. Special material can be used according to customer's requirement

4. Valve can be equipped with Electric or Pneumatic actuator for automated control application.

5. Segment ball is available for control flow application

6. Soft seal seat ensures good leakage performance

Main tech data

PressurePN10, 16, 25; ANSI Class 150

Diameter:1/2”~8”  (DN15~DN200)


Body:WCBCF8, CF8M  Lined F4, F46 or PFA

BallCS, 304, 316 Lined F4, F46 or PFA

SeatF46, PTFE

Stem2Cr13, 304

PackingV PTFE,  Flexible Graphite

Leakage:ANSI B16.104 Ⅵ / GB/T 4213 Ⅵ

Actuator6300 Pneumatic cylinder / 6200 Electric Type

Accessories:Positioner, Solenoid valve, Limited switch, air filter, lock valve

TestingASME B16.34  GB/T 13927

Hysteresis:± 1% (With positioner), ± 3% (Without positioner)

Linear± 1% (With positioner), ± 5% (Without positioner)

Note:Any special design or question of ZJHRF Lining ball valve,kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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