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  • Q41TC Ceramic ball valve
Q41TC Ceramic ball valve

Q41TC Ceramic ball valve

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Q41TC Ceramic ball valve


Q41TC Ceramic ball valve has outstanding characteristics such as super corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and erosion resistance.  It is widely used in various acid-base salt gas, liquid, high-temperature steam and mud transportation systems in petrochemical, metallurgy, paper making, power stations, oil refining and other industries.  It is an ideal substitute product for titanium valves and Monel valves in strong corrosion situations.  Zirconia ceramic ball valves have the advantages of low cost, high operating economy and long life (2 to 4 times that of titanium valves).  The driving methods include manual, pneumatic, pneumatic-spring return, electric and so on.


Q41TC Ceramic ball valve

1. All the parts in contact with the medium are made of structural ceramic materials, and their chemical stability and hardness (Rockwell hardness HRC90) are second only to diamond.  Therefore, this valve has extremely high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, good heat insulation, and low thermal expansion.

2. The ball is manufactured with advanced grinding equipment and technology, with high roundness accuracy and good surface quality. After being grind with the valve seat, the self-lubricity of Zr02 ceramics can be used to achieve good sealing performance.

3. The good wear resistance of ceramics makes this valve durable, reliable, and has a long service life, which is 2-4 times that of titanium alloy valves and Monel valves.

4. Used in granular medium with high hardness, or medium with soft particles but corrosive, this valve has unparalleled absolute advantages, and it is also the only valve suitable for this kind of medium at present.

Main tech data

PressurePN10, 16, 25; ANSI Class 150

Diameter:1/2”~8”  (DN15~DN200)


Body:WCBCF8, CF8M  Lined F4, F46 or PFA

BallCS, 304, 316 Lined F4, F46 or PFA

SeatF46, PTFE

Stem2Cr13, 304

PackingV PTFE,  Flexible Graphite

Leakage:ANSI B16.104 Ⅵ / GB/T 4213 Ⅵ

Actuator6300 Pneumatic cylinder / 6200 Electric Type

Accessories:Positioner, Solenoid valve, Limited switch, air filter, lock valve

TestingASME B16.34  GB/T 13927

Hysteresis:± 1% (With positioner), ± 3% (Without positioner)

Linear± 1% (With positioner), ± 5% (Without positioner)

Note:Any special design or question of Q41TC Ceramic ball valve,kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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