Self actuated control valve

  • ZZYP Self actuated control valve
ZZYP Self actuated control valve

ZZYP Self actuated control valve

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ZZYP Self actuated control valve


Without requirement of any external energy, ZZYP Self actuated control valve produced by the company controls value spool position by using self-energy of the adjusted medium as power producer and leading it into actuator, and stabilizes upstream(downstream) pressure by changing differential pressure and fluxes of both ends.With advantages such as agile action,perfect air tightness and low wave force of pressure set point,this control valve widely applies to automatic control of pressure stabilization or pressure relief and stabilization of gases,liquids and mediums.


ZZYP Self actuated control valve

1,Needing little external energy and saving energy.

2,Pressure subsection ranges are small and crossing over one another,contributing to high regulation precision.

3,Pressure set valve can be successively set during operation process.

4,As to adjustment of pressure after valve match,proportion of upstream pressure and downstream pressure can be 10:1-10:8.

5,In terms of rubber diaphragm type detection, actuator can conduct detection of high precision and agile action.

6,Adoption of pressure balance mechanism makes action of this control valve sensitive and its control accurate.

Main tech data

1, Body form: Straight-through cast body

2, Plug type: Non-balanced single seat plug

3, Nominal diameter: DN15-300mm, NPT 1/2-12

4, Nominal pressure: PN1.6-4.0MPa; Class 150-1500LB

5, Applicable temperature: -20-350

6, Type of connection: Flange

7, Flange distance: IEC 60534 Meet IEC 60534

8, Leakage level: ASME B16.104, As per ASME B16.104

9, Set value deviation: ±8%

10,Actuator: Pneumatic actuator(film type,piston type)

Note:Any special design or question of ZZYP Self actuated control valve, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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