Pneumatic eccentric rotary valve

  • VFR Pneumatic eccentric rotary valve
VFR Pneumatic eccentric rotary valve

VFR Pneumatic eccentric rotary valve

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VFR Pneumatic eccentric rotary valve


VFR Pneumatic eccentric rotary valvealso called camflexwith Masoneilan technology combined with our characteristics,combines the advantages of single seat valves,ball valves,butterfly valves,etc, has a simple structure,small size,light weight,rated flow coefficient,wide adjustable range,wide temperature range,low leakage,good stability and other advantages.Since the rotary action of valve body and the stem, so suffered little friction when in contact with the valve seat to close the valve body and the valve body to produce a slight elastic deformation of the flexible arm in the implementation structure and the elastic thrust during operation Tension force closer contact with the valve seat firmly,so eccentric valve leak is very small.While closing the valve,the required thrust of actuator is smaller than ball valves and butterfly.Therefore, the products are widely used in chemical,metallurgical,power plants and other industrial process control systems.


VFR Pneumatic eccentric rotary valve Integrated valve body(cast with bonnet) design, no static or dynamic sealing except shaft seal.

Double offset structure design, nodetachment effectbetween the seat and plug.

High fluid capacity and range ability for heavy duty industrial design.

Decompress the liquid by inserting multi-hole plate in to the main body.

Built-in type and the combined external type multi-hole plate.

Heat jacket and erosion-proof treatment for crystallizable medium.

Easy replacement of rotary,symmetrical plug and actuator.

Metal seat for Class IV shut-off and Soft seat for Class VI shut-off

Accessibly connected actuator from outside, which the actuator pivots to axis of valve.

Double sealing system between shaft and bonnet,which makes low leakage(equal to TA-Luft condition)

Main tech data

Flow Characteristic: Linear, Equal to Percentage

Pressure: ANSI 150, 300, 600

Travel: 50

Seat Leakage: ANSI B16 104 IV(METAL)  VI(SOFT)

Working Temperature: -195-400

Control Ratio: 100:1

Actuator:  Diaphragm: DL1, DL2,  DL3 Piston Type: PL1, PL2,  PL3,PL4

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