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  • ZAZP Electric control valve
ZAZP Electric control valve

ZAZP Electric control valve

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ZAZP Electric control valve


ZAZP Electric control valve is composed of electric actuators and various valve bodies (single seat, double seat, sleeve), and has the characteristics of various control valves. Is DKZ electric The executive unit in the unit combination instrument, the electric regulating valve is one of the important links in the automatic regulation system of the business process. It uses the AC220V power supply voltage as the operating force and accepts the unified standard signal,0~10mA DC or 4~20mADC, convert this to the up and down displacement corresponding to the input signal.

Working principle

The ZAZP Electric control valve relies on the pressure and temperature of the medium flowing through the valve as the energy source to drive the valve to work automatically, without the need for external power supply and secondary instruments. This kind of self-operated regulating valve uses the feedback signal (pressure, pressure difference, temperature) from the valve output end to be transmitted to the actuator through the signal tube to drive the valve flap to change the valve opening, so as to achieve the purpose of regulating pressure, flow and temperature.


It is a new type of self-operated control valve. Compared with the manual control valve, its advantage is that it can be adjusted automatically; compared with the electric control valve, its advantage is that it does not require external power. Application practice has proved that in closed water circulation systems.

Main tech data

Nominal pressure (MPa):1.6,2.5,4.0,6.4,10.0

Rated stroke (mm):16,25,40,60,100

Bonnet form:Standard type (-17~ +250^C), high temperature type (+250~ +450C), low temperature type (-40~ -196^C), bellows sealed type (-40~ +350C)

Gland form:Bolt compression

Seal packing:V-shaped PTFE packing, V-shaped flexible graphite packing

Spool form:Single seat type, sleeve type, double guide type

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