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  • L2000 Radio frequency meter
L2000 Radio frequency meter

L2000 Radio frequency meter

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L2000 Radio frequency meter


L2000 Radio frequency meter is a new generation of intelligent continuous level measuring instrument. Due to the use of radio frequency detection technology and modern microcomputer processing technology, it solves the problems of large temperature drift, difficult calibration, and fear of adhesion of traditional level gauges. Admittance level gauges are widely used in liquid, granular, and bulk materials in various industries. Continuous measurement of bits.

Working principle

L2000 Radio frequency meter consists of sensors and control instruments. The pulse card in the sensor can convert the change of the material level into a pulse signal and send it to the control instrument. After the control instrument is processed by the operation, it is converted into the engineering quantity and displayed, thus achieving continuous measurement of the material level. The adoption of RF admittance detection technology improves reliability and makes installation and commissioning very easy.


Wide range of applications: liquid, solid, interface mixtures, materials can be used

Strong adaptability: The special shock-resistant and wear-resistant probe sheath material can work reliably under the environment of high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, strong adhesion, strong impact, strong wear and large dust

No drift: no drift due to temperature or density changes of the medium

No maintenance required: due to the simple structure of the sensor and no moving parts, no maintenance is required after commissioning

Main tech data

1,Output: 4-20mADC transmission output, the corresponding range is adjustable, the polarity is variable

2,Startup time: 2 seconds startup time, no warm-up required

3,Accuracy: ±0.2%, resolution up to 0.002% (for admittance value)

4,Probe types: rod, coaxial, cable, heavy cable, etc

5,Electrical connection: M20×1.5 threaded hole

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