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  • 3151LT Flange level transmitter
3151LT Flange level transmitter

3151LT Flange level transmitter

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3151LT Flange level transmitter


3151LT Flange level transmitter includes two models: flat flange and plug-in type flange(you can refer to model selection code table), the responding size is 3 cun and 4 cun, the pressure rating is 150# (working pressure is 1.9MPa) and 300# (working pressure is 5. 1MPa). Flange of Hastelloy alloy-C or Ta diaphragm is corrosion resistant.

Working principle

3151LT Flange level transmitter is composed of two parts: sensor and electronic circuit board. The sensor part includes: sensitive components, direct digital capacitor circuit, temperature sensor and characterization EEPROM, etc.; electronic circuit board part includes: compression, digital/analog signal converter, digital, Composed of several parts such as communication and memory EEPROM, it completes the conversion of pressure signal to 4-20mADC.


1. Complete measurement range: 0-0.15kPa42MPa, with multiple choices and flexible applications, which can meet the needs of most users.

3. The use of solid, plug-in printed circuit boards, and modular structure is helpful for troubleshooting and reducing the display parameters of spare parts inventory.

4. The damping is adjustable, which improves the user's selectivity.

5. Intelligent circuit, convenient for users to operate.

Main tech data

1.Measuring range:

Differential pressure: 0-0.05kpa~7mpa (select sensors according to different ranges)

Gauge pressure: 0-0.15kpa~42mpa (select sensors according to different ranges)

Absolute pressure: 0-40kpa~7mpa (select sensors according to different ranges)

2. The temperature range of the medium in contact with the sensor:


3. Display parameters

Measure pressure value

Output analog current value

Note:Any special design or question of 3151LT Flange level transmitter, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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