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  • HPF Lining control valve
HPF Lining control valve

HPF Lining control valve

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HPF Lining control valve


HPF Lining control valve are the anti-corrosive type globe valves. Body wetted parts and trims use the high-pressure injection which are lined Fluorinated ethylene-propyleneF46, and gland parts are completely sealed by bellows seal bonnet made of pure teflon. They are applicable for controlling high corrosive and poisonous fluid.


1. Corrosion resistant. Resistant corrosion for all medium (including concentrated nitric acid and aqua regia)

2. High seal performance. Adopt bellows and double packing.

3. Low leakage. Use the soft seal for plug and valve seat.

4. Equipped with HA actuator, large output and compact structure.

Main Tech Data

1. Type: Straight-through, single seated, globe valve

2. Normal size:G3/4”202540506580100125150200250mm

3. Pressure rating:PN 16202540Class150*

4. End connections:FlangedRF

5. Body & Bonnet Material:As to the operating pressure-temperature limitation for each material

6. Bonnet type:20~+120F46 Lining F46, 40~+180PFA Lining PFA

7. Gland type:Bolted gland

8. Packing:Teflon V-ring

9. Surface coating:Munsell N-6Epoxy resin groupis standard. In the case of stainless steel body, no painting is standard.

Standard: JB/T79.1(PN63); HG20592

Note:Any special design or question of HPF Lining control valve, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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