Single seated control valve

  • HLC Single seated control valve
HLC Single seated control valve

HLC Single seated control valve

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HLC Single seated control valve


HLS Single seated control valve with a compact valve body and an S-shape flow way features with low pressure loss, large flow capacity, wide range ability and high-precision flow characteristics. The design of valve complies with IEC60534-2-1-2011 standard and the leakage complies with ANSI FCI 70-2-2013 standard. The compact size and large output force are available when the control valve is combined with multi-spring diaphragm actuator or cylinder actuator.

It is complies with the GB/T4213-2008 standards.

Work principle

HLS Single seated control valve When the actuator is linearly displaced, the valve core is driven by the valve rod to move. It is connected with the valve body by bolts and is used to locate the center of the valve stem and valve core. The valve seat and the upper valve cover are used to ensure the center position of the valve core and the valve seat, and when the valve core moves, change the flow area of the fluid, thereby changing the manipulated variable and realizing the function of adjusting the fluid flow.


1. The leakage is small, and it is easy to achieve strict sealing and cutting.

2. The allowable pressure difference is small

3. The flow capacity is small

Main Tech Data

1. Type: Straight-through, single seated, cast globe valve

2. Normal size:10,15, 20, 25mm

3. Pressure rating:Class 150, 300, 600; PN6,10,16,20,25,40,50,63,100,110 *

JIS 10K, 20K, 30K,40K;

4. End connections:FlangeFFRFRJTGMFM Welded ends:SW

5. Body & Bonnet Material:WCB, WC6, CF8,CF8M, CF3M,Ti and other alloy steels.

6. Bonnet type:Plain type :-17~+230℃ Extension Type I:-45~-17℃ and 230~+566℃ Extension Type II:-100~-45

7. Gland type:Bolted gland

8. Packing:Teflon V-ring

9. Gasket:Saw-tooth type Stainless steel

10. Surface coating:SLVEpoxy resin groupis standard. In the case of stainless steel body, no painting is standard.

Standard: JIS B2201JB/T79.1 (PN16);JB/T79.2 (PN4063);ASME B16.5;HG20592HG20615

Note: Any special design or question of HLC Single seated control valve, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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