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  • 3151TG Pressure transmitter
3151TG Pressure transmitter

3151TG Pressure transmitter

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3151TG Pressure transmitter


3151TG Pressure transmitter uses diffused silicon as the sensor, which has strong corrosion resistance and practicality, and can measure any corrosive gas and liquid. It is commonly used in petroleum, chemical, power station, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding and other industrial fields that require high pressure measurement, and is particularly suitable for boilers, negative pressure, warm ventilation pressure, absolute pressure, low pressure and other occasions. It has high accuracy in small range, and through precise temperature compensation, high stability and low cost in low range can be achieved.

Working principle

Pressure strain The electrical components that sense pressure are generally resistance strain gauges. The resistance strain gauge is a sensitive device that converts the pressure on the test piece into an electrical signal. The most widely used resistance strain gauges are metal resistance strain gauges and semiconductor strain gauges.


3151TG Pressure transmitter

1,Stable and reliable,strong corrosion resistance

2,Strong and compact structure, strong practicability

3,With LED digital display

4,Low power consumption and small error

5,Small size design, convenient and flexible installation and use

6,Anti-interference design, suitable for bad environment

7,316 stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance

Main tech data

Pressure: gauge pressure, absolute pressure and negative pressure

Compensation temperature: -1070℃, working temperature: -2085℃

Accuracy: 0.1% ,0.25% ,0.5% ,1%

Output: 420mA ,010mA ,15V ,05V DC

Power: 24V DC, 15V DC, 220V AC

Medium: liquid, gas and steam

Connection method: flange and thread connection

Note: Any special design or question of 3151TG Pressure Transmitter, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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