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  • 3151GP Pressure transmitter
3151GP Pressure transmitter

3151GP Pressure transmitter

  • Description: XUNFEI Meter is professional manufacturer of 3151GP pressure transmitter from China, which has good quality and high steady performance. Welcome to inquiry with us.

3151GP Pressure transmitter


3151GP Pressure transmitter adopts advanced-technology high-accurate compact smart sensor, to compensate temperature and static pressure with digital compensation technology which improves measuring accuracy and decreases temperature drift. With long-term stable performance, reliable and strong self-diagnose capacity which makes it popular among transmitter market.

When matched with HT388 or Rosement 275, 375 handheld operators, it can search address, test as well as configuration. It also can communicate with transmitter at any wiring terminal from control room, mounting field or loop to finish remote adjustment. Please be noted that resistance between wiring terminal and power must be not less than 250Ω for remote communication.


3151GP Pressure transmitter

Microprocessor makes it more flexible and powerful;

With strong self-diagnose performance, zero and range regulation don’t influence each other;

With perfect remote and local set and calibration functions;

Two-wire system which is in accordance with HART PROTOCOL, can communicate with HART PROTOCOL terminal without interrupting output;

Digital compensation which can compensate to temperature and static pressure;

With good stability performance and high-accuracy, damping is adjustable, strong one-way overload resistant capacity;

Without mechanical driving components which reduce maintenance, solid and vibration-resistant;

Components are in common use which is easy for maintenance;

Wetted parts diaphragm material is optional and can be used for a day long.

Main tech data

Output signal: 4~20mAoutput with HART® protocol digital signaltwo-wire system

Power supply: Outside power24V DC, (power range 12V~45V)

Installation: Explosion-proof dⅡCT5, intrinsic safety iaⅡCT5

Drift features: Range upper and lower limit shall not exceed range limit after positive and negative drift. Maximum positive drift is 0.975URL, maximum negative drift is-URL at minimum range.

Temperature range: medium temperature -40104℃, storage temperature -4085℃, working temperature -4085℃/-2070℃ (with digital head)

Relative humidity: 0100%

Damping: time constant within 0.232.0S is adjustable

Start time: 3S, no need to preheat

Note:Any special design or question of 3151GP Pressure transmitter ,kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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