Diaphragm pressure gauge

  • YPF-100 Diaphragm pressure gauge
YPF-100 Diaphragm pressure gauge

YPF-100 Diaphragm pressure gauge

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YPF-100 Diaphragm pressure gauge


YPF-100 Diaphragm pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure or negative pressure of various fluid media with certain corrosivity, non-solidification or non-crystallization. The corrosion resistance depends on the diaphragm material.

Working Principle

Structural principle: YPF-100 Diaphragm pressure gauge is composed of a measurement system (including flange joints and corrugated diaphragms), a transmission indicator mechanism (including connecting rods, gear transmission mechanisms, pointers and dials), and a housing (including watch case and cover ring), etc. composition. The shell of the instrument is a splash-proof structure with good tightness, so it can protect its internal mechanism from contamination.

Principle of action is based on the deformation of the elastic element (the diaphragm on the measuring system). Under the pressure of the measured medium, the diaphragm is forced to produce a corresponding elastic deformation-displacement, which is transmitted and amplified by the transmission mechanism of the connecting rod group, and the measured value is indicated on the dial by the pointer fixed on the gear come out.


Advantages: 1. Good overload performance; 2. Linear; 3. Suitable for measuring absolute pressure and differential pressure; 4. Small size, moderate price; 5. Can be used for viscous, slurry measurement.

Disadvantages: 1. Poor seismic and impact resistance; 2. Difficult maintenance; 3. Lower measurement pressure.

Main tech data

1,Shell protection level: IP64

2,Relative humidity is not greater than 90%

3,Accuracy level: 2.5

4,Working position: vertical installation

5,Type: 1, diaphragm pressure gauge, 2, stainless steel diaphragm pressure gauge, 3, flange stainless steel diaphragm pressure gauge

6,Bearing pressure size:φ85-160mm

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