Stainless steel pressure gauge

  • Y-100BF Stainless steel pressure gauge
Y-100BF Stainless steel pressure gauge

Y-100BF Stainless steel pressure gauge

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Y-100BF Stainless steel pressure gauge


The material of Y-100BF Stainless steel pressure gauge shell and the measuring element are made of stainless steel. It is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and corrosion-resistant alloy materials, so that the stainless steel pressure gauge has good corrosion resistance. The stainless steel pressure gauge can be widely used in the petroleum, chemical, mining, machinery, power and food industries. Direct measurement of the pressure of non-crystalline, corrosive gases and liquids.

Working Principle

Y-100BF Stainless steel pressure gauge is composed of a pressure guiding system (including joints, spring tubes, current-limiting screws, etc.), a gear transmission mechanism, a counting device (pointer and dial), and a housing (including a watch case, watch cover, watch glass, etc.). The outer shell is a gas-tight structure, which can effectively protect the internal parts from environmental impact and pollution intrusion. For the instrument filled with liquid (usually silicone oil or glycerin) in the casing, it can resist the vibration of the working environment and reduce the pulsating influence of the medium pressure.


The overall structure of the stainless steel pressure gauge is well designed, the technology is high-quality, and it has high accuracy and stability.

Main tech data

1, Main dimensions of outer diameter:φ60,φ100,φ150.

2,Accuracy: ф602.5%ф100ф1501.5%

3,Installation method:Bottom mounting, Bottom mounting with front flange, Bottom mounting with back flange, Back mounting, Back mounting with front flange, Lower back mounting, Lower back mounting with front flange

4,Ambient temperature: -4070℃, (Relative humidity 85%)

5,Bourdon tube/socket: Soft soldering for phosphor bronze bourdon tube and brass socket. High temperature type,40% Silver soldering available for Stainless Steel

Bourdon tube.

6,Dial: white, aluminium with black calibration line.

7,Pointer: Aluminium, black

8,Connection: 60 M14 × 1.5; 100/150 M20 × 1.5 , Other standard available

Note: Any special design or question of Y-100BF Stainless steel pressure gauge ,kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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