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  • XTMF-100 Intelligent controller
XTMF-100 Intelligent controller

XTMF-100 Intelligent controller

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XTMF-100 Intelligent controller


XTMF-100 Intelligent controller can be used with various sensors and transmitters to achieve the measurement and display of physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, capacity, speed, etc., and cooperate with various actuators to perform PID on electric heating equipment and electromagnetic and electric valves. Adjustment and control, alarm control, data collection and other functions.


XTMF-100 Intelligent controller

1,Automatic calibration and manual calibration function

2,Manual/automatic disturbance-free switching function

3,Can choose to adapt to the positive or negative effect of heating or cooling

4,It uses a combination of fuzzy control theory and traditional PID control to make the control process have the advantages of fast response, small overshoot, and high steady-state accuracy. It has obvious control effects on large pure lag objects that are difficult to control by conventional PID.

5,Universal input function

Main tech data

Display mode: double-row four-digit LED digital tube display

Control output: (1) Relay contact output

Pulse voltage output of solid state relay (DC12V/30mA)

Single-phase/three-phase SCR zero-crossing trigger

Single-phase/three-phase SCR phase-shift trigger

Analog quantity 420mA, 010mA, 15V, 05V control output

Communication output: interface mode--isolated serial bidirectional communication interface RS485/RS422/RS232/Modem

Baud rate-3009600bps internal free setting

Feed output: DC24V/30mA

Power source: switching power supply 85265VAC, power consumption below 4W

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