Circulation detector

  • XMD-16A Circulation detector
XMD-16A Circulation detector

XMD-16A Circulation detector

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XMD-16A Circulation detector


XMD-16A Circulation detector is used in conjunction with various sensors and transmitters, and can perform multi-channel temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow, weight and other industrial process parameters for circuit detection, alarm control, transmission output, data acquisition and communication.


XMD-16A Circulation detector

1. Universal input function

2. Automatic calibration and manual calibration function

3. Multiple protection, isolation design, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability

4. Good software platform of intelligent inspection instrument, with secondary development ability to meet special functions

5. Advanced modular structure, with powerful instrument chip, function combination and system upgrade are very convenient

6. Automatic inspection and manual calibration can be switched freely

Channel switching time and effective number of channels can be set

Main tech data

Basic error: ±0.2%FS, ±1.0%FS

Resolution: 1/20000, 14-bit A/D converter

Display mode: LED LCD screen, display operation setting function

Sampling period: 0.5S

Alarm output: (1) 1-64 channels unified upper and lower limit alarm, relay output contact capacity AC220V/3A

⑵ Independent alarms for channels 1-8, the output contact capacity of the relay is AC220V/1A

Transmitter output: The corresponding channel can be selected through switch input with 420mA, 010mA, 15V, 05V isolated output Accuracy: ±0.3%FS

Communication output: interface mode--isolated serial bidirectional communication interface RS485/RS422/RS232/Modem

Baud rate-3009600bps internal free setting

Power source: switching power supply 85265VAC, power consumption below 4W

Note:Any special design or question of XMD-16A Circulation detector, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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