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  • WSS-561 Bimetallic thermometer
WSS-561 Bimetallic thermometer

WSS-561 Bimetallic thermometer

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WSS-561 Bimetallic thermometer


WSS-561 Bimetallic thermometer can directly measure the temperature of the liquid, vapor and gas within -80℃~+500℃ in a variety of production processes. It is a kind of field testing instrument for measuring low and medium temperature. It  It is a substitute of glass thermometer.

Working Principle

WSS-561 Bimetallic thermometer when one end is heated and expanded, it will drive the pointer to rotate, and the working instrument will display the temperature value corresponding to the thermal potential. It is based on the bimetallic sheet wound into a circular bending shape.


1,Direct temperature displayvisualized readings and convenience.

2,Firm structure, anti-knockanti-worn.

3,Complete types and specificationsmany safe methodswide range of protecting tube materials.

Main tech data

1.Product implementation standard/T8803-1998

2.Nominal diameter of dial:60,100,150

3.Precision grade:(1.0),1.5

4.Thermal response time:≤40s

5.Protection level:IP55

6.Angle adjustment error should not more than 10% of the range

7. Return difference: the return difference of the thermometer

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