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  • WSS-301 WSS-401 Bimetallic thermometer
WSS-301 WSS-401 Bimetallic thermometer

WSS-301 WSS-401 Bimetallic thermometer

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WSS-301 WSS-401 Bimetallic thermometer


WSS-301 WSS-401 WSS series bimetal thermometer is an on-site detection instrument for measuring low and medium temperature. The bimetal thermometer can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gaseous media in the range of -80℃~+500in various production processes.

Working Principle

WSS-301 WSS-401 bimetallic thermometer uses a hot bimetallic piece wound in a threaded shape as a temperature sensing device, and it is installed in a protective sleeve. One end is fixed, called the fixed end, and the other end is connected to a thin shaft, called Free end. A pointer is provided on the free end spool. When the temperature changes, the free end of the temperature sensing device rotates accordingly, driving the pointer on the thin shaft to produce an angle change, and the corresponding temperature is indicated on the dial.


The thermoelectric potential of WSS-301 WSS-401 bimetallic thermometer is only related to the thermoelectric properties of the thermoelectrode material and the temperature difference between the two ends.

Using the same homogeneous conductor or semiconductor to form a loop will not generate thermoelectric potential.

The two junction temperatures of the thermocouple are T and T0. If T=T0, the thermoelectric potential of the thermocouple is zero. The law of intermediate temperature lays the foundation for the formulation of thermocouple index tables.

Main tech data

WSS-301 WSS-401 bimetallic thermometer

(1) Accuracy level: 1.5

(2) Time constant: J<40S

(3) Protection tube pressure: 6.3MPa

(4) Contact capacity: rated power 10VA (non-inductive); maximum voltage: AC 220V, maximum working current: 1A (non-inductive),

The contacts are upper and lower limits and normally open.

(5) Working environment temperature of meter head: -25~55 degrees Celsius

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