Floating ball level meter

  • UQZ-01 Floating ball level meter
UQZ-01 Floating ball level meter

UQZ-01 Floating ball level meter

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UQZ-01 Floating ball level meter


UQZ-01 Floating ball level meter has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient debugging, good reliability and high precision.  The float level gauge can be widely used for continuous measurement of the liquid level (boundary) of high temperature, high pressure, viscous, dirty media, asphalt, wax and other oils, as well as flammable, explosive, corrosive and other media.

Working principle

UQZ-01 Floating ball level meter takes advantage of magnetic displacement arisen from interior magnetic float varying with level of liquid. Magnetic roller display with two colors of red, (blue) and white inside Level Window is pushed magnetically to upturn (180" ) correspondingly to indicate level of liquidIf float rises, magnetic roller display changes from white to red (blue). If float falls, magnetic roller display changes from red (blue) to white, color of red (blue) indicates height of liquid persistently.


1. Liquid medium is separated from indication of measurement completely.

2. Used to measure and display level of liquids of erosion, flammability, explosiveness, extreme toxicity, radioactivity and turbidity.

3. Data of measurement can be sent remotely by 2-wire transmitter of 4 ~ 20mA or HART Protocol transmitter and BUS transmitter.Resolution of transmitter is optional among 5mm, 10mm, 20mm for purpose of remote control and detection.

Main tech data

1. Connect of Cable :Specification Pg11 Diameter of Wire: 08

2. Ingress protection :IP66

3. Top Installation :Flange: 2. Screw Flange: DN50-~DN1 SOPNO.6-PN2.5 Standard of Flange(HG20592-97) Screw: M60x2 G2" (Screw assembly used to main pipe 012 and 014, V52 for float bal)

4. Material:  304/31 6L Guide tube:12x1 or 14x1 (metric lengthL0-300~ 3000mm)( Main pipe 12x1 or 14x 1 Resolution: K1 0- 10mm) 18x 1.5 (metric lengthL0-300~ 6000mm) 36x2 (metric lengthL0-300~ 0000mm) Material:304/316L

Note:Any special design or question of UQZ-01 Floating ball level meter, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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