Thermo mass flowmeter

  • RSL Thermo mass flowmeter
RSL Thermo mass flowmeter

RSL Thermo mass flowmeter

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RSL Thermo mass flowmeter


RSL Thermo mass flowmeter directly measures the mass flow of the medium passing through the flow meter, and can also measure the density of the medium and indirectly measure the temperature of the medium.

Working principle

RSL Thermo mass flowmeter adopts the heat-sensitive measurement, and the flow rate is measured by the molecular mass taken away by the split molecules. Because it is the heat-sensitive measurement, it will not affect the measurement result due to the change of gas temperature and pressure. Mass flow meter is a relatively accurate, fast, reliable, efficient, stable and flexible flow measurement instrument, which will be more widely used in petroleum processing, chemical industry and other fields. The mass flow meter cannot control the flow rate, it can only detect the mass flow rate of the liquid or gas, and output the flow rate value through the analog voltage, current or serial communication.


1. Suitable for multiple media

2. High measurement accuracy

3. No straight pipe requirements

4. Good reliability

5. Low maintenance rate

6. Has a core processor

Main tech data

1,Mass flow accuracy: ±0.002×flow ±zero drift

2,Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1°C

3,Ambient temperature: -40~60

4,Medium temperature: 50~200°C

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