Lining butterfly valve

  • D971F Lining butterfly valve
D971F Lining butterfly valve

D971F Lining butterfly valve

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D971F Lining butterfly valve


D971F Lining butterfly valve is adopted lined plastic procedure and lined with 2-3mm fluoroscopic(F46 or PFA),which has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, quick opening and closing,long service life and less leakage. The valve can be equipped with pneumatic cylinder or electric actuator to meet several of requirements of controlling,and it is used widely for controlling,cutting off and remotely controlling in the site of chemical industry,petroleum,metallurgy,medicine,electric power,environmental protection and so on.


D971F Lining butterfly valve

1, Both cavity and disc are lined F46 or PFA, which can be proof of almost all the corrosive medium and long time of permeating chloridion.

2, The soft seat will be deformed properly to ensure zero leakage when the valve is closed.

3, The substrate of soft material lined seat ring is formed by rubber injection.

4, The disc and stem are made as a while,the PFA bearing is used not only for guiding but also for good lubrication.

Main tech data

Size: DN50-DN1200( 2-48)

Pressure: PN6,10,16; ANSI Class 150

Body: QT400,QT450,HT250,WCB,CF8,CF8M Lined F4 or F46 or PFA

Disc: QT450,WCB,CF8,CF8M lined F4 or F46 or PFA,2205 and so on

Stem: 2Cr13,304,316,17-4PH etc.

Packing: V Type PTFE, Flexible Graphite

Characteristic: Equal Percentage

Ratio: 50:1

Coating: Flange type(RF), Wafer type Black, No Coating for stainless steel

Note:Any special design or question D971F Lining butterfly valve, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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