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  • YE-150 Capsule pressure gauge
YE-150 Capsule pressure gauge

YE-150 Capsule pressure gauge

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YE-150 Capsule pressure gauge


YE-150 Capsule pressure gauge uses the capsule as a sensitive element for measuring small pressures. It measures the micro-pressure and negative pressure of the corrosive effect on copper alloys and non-hazardous gases. It is widely used in boiler ventilation, gas pipelines, combustion devices and other similar equipment.Usually only used for gaseous media. The capsule pressure gauge consists of a measurement system (including joints, corrugated capsules, etc.), a transmission mechanism (including a lever pull mechanism, a gear transmission mechanism), an indicator component (including a pointer and dial), and a housing (including a watch case, bushing, and watch) Glass).

Working Principle

YE-150 Capsule pressure gauge is based on the corrugated membrane box under the pressure of the measured medium, its free end produces a corresponding elastic deformation, then through the gear transmission mechanism and pre-amplified, the pointer fixed on the gear shaft will be measured by the measured value in degrees Indicated on the plate. And has a zero adjustment device, which can easily adjust the zero position.


Working position, environment; vertical installation of the instrument; working environment -25 55 ℃. Relative humidity is not more than 80%, and the surrounding environment does not contain harmful gases corroding the instrument.

Micro pressure gauge with corrosion resistance.

Main tech data

1,Vibration resistance to working environment: V · H · 3

2,Accuracy level:class 2.5

3,Use ambient temperature:-25-55℃

4,Relative humidity is not more than 80%

5,The measurement range is -80 ~ 60000Pa, but different capsule pressure gauges should be selected according to different pressure ranges.

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