General pressure gauge

  • Y-40Z General pressure gauge
Y-40Z General pressure gauge

Y-40Z General pressure gauge

  • Model:Y-40Z
  • Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
  • Structure type Axial, radial
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Description: XUNFEI Meter is professional manufacturer of Y-40Z general pressure gauge from China, which has good quality and high steady performance. Welcome to inquiry with us.

Y-40Z General pressure gauge


Y-40Z General pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure of liquid or gas and other media without explosion, crystallization, solidification and corrosion of copper alloy


The overall structure is reasonable in design, exquisite craftsmanship, has high measurement accuracy and long-term stability, and is widely used in places where petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and other industrial departments need to measure pressure.

Working principle

Y-40Z General pressure gauge uses the elastic deformation of the Bourdon tube, which is a sensitive element in the table, to convert the elastic deformation of the Bourdon tube into rotary motion through the conversion mechanism of the movement in the table, causing the pointer to deflect to display the pressure.

Main tech data

1, Main dimensions of outer diameter:φ60,φ100,φ150.

2,Accuracy: ф602.5%ф100ф1501.5%

3,Ambient temperature: -4070℃

4,Dial: white, aluminium with black calibration line.

5,Pointer: Aluminium, black

Note: Any special design or question of Y-40Z General pressure gauge,kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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