Flow totalizer

  • XSJ-97F XSJ-97H Flow totalizer
XSJ-97F XSJ-97H Flow totalizer

XSJ-97F XSJ-97H Flow totalizer

  • Model: XSJ-97F XSJ-97H
  • Voltage: 0~5V.DC、1~5V.DC
  • Electric current: 0~10mA.DC、4~20 mA.DC
  • Frequency: 0.01~10000Hz
  • Description: XSJ-97F XSJ-97H flow totalizer from China, which has good quality and high steady performance. Welcome to inquiry with us.

XSJ-97F XSJ-97H Flow totalizer


XSJ-97F XSJ-97H Flow totalizer collects, displays, controls, remotely transmits, communicates, and prints various signals such as on-site temperature, pressure, flow, etc., and forms a digital acquisition system and control system, with liquid crystal and digital display, and various external dimensions. A variety of liquid, general gas, superheated steam, saturated steam flow totalization measurement control, can be quantitative / batch control of the medium (with start, stop, clear function), used with various flow sensors or transmitters, It can adapt to various measurement and control occasions.


XSJ-97F XSJ-97H Flow totalizer full range of automatic temperature and pressure compensation calculation, the compensation method can be set arbitrarily

Multiple parameters display of instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, temperature and pressure

Small signal cutting function, cutting range 0-5% optional

The accumulated flow value can be cleared through the panel keys, and the reset operation can be locked

Cumulative calculation of mass, volume and length of substances can be performed. And batch control,with excellent flow totalizer software, the instrument has rich functions, simple programming, good anti-interference, high reliability, fast delivery, low cost and low price

Main tech data

XSJ-97F XSJ-97H Flow totalizer

1,Accuracy: ±0.3%

2,Transmitting output: 420ma, 010ma, 15v, 05v

3,Input characteristics:

Frequency type: input impedance is greater than 10kW

Voltage type: input impedance is greater than 300kW

Current type: input impedance 250W

Output characteristics:

Relay capacity: 3A/220VAC or 3A/24VDC, resistive load

Output load impedance of current type transmitter: less than 600W

Voltage-type transmission output load: greater than 200KW

Note:Any special design or question of XSJ-97F XSJ-97H Flow totalizer, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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