Abrasion resistant RTD

  • WZPN2-431 Abrasion resistant RTD
WZPN2-431 Abrasion resistant RTD

WZPN2-431 Abrasion resistant RTD

  • Model:WZPN2-431
  • Measuring range: -200~+420
  • Graduation:PT100
  • Structure:Flange
  • Description: XUNFEI Meter is professional manufacturer of WZPN2-431 abrasion resistant RTD, abrasion resistant PT100 abrasion resistant PT100 from China, which has good quality and high steady performance. Welcome

WZPN2-431 Abrasion resistant RTD


WZPN2-431 Abrasion resistant RTD is boiling boilers, pulverized coal gasifiers and cement plant series kiln heads, kiln tails, furnace head covers, chemical industry, and smelting Special products. a high-tech class that is ideal for high-temperature wear-resistant environments such as power plant circulating fluidized bed boilers,

Working Principle

The temperature measurement principle of WZPN2-431 Abrasion resistant RTD Different conductors have different electron densities.is based on the characteristic that the resistance value of the conductor or semiconductor changes with the temperature.  Because of their different electron densities, a certain amount of electron diffusion occurs. When they reach a certain balance, the potential formed by the contact potential depends on the material properties of the two different conductors and their contact. Point temperature. It uses a three-wire system to eliminate the measurement error caused by the resistance of the connecting wire.


1, corrosion resistance, high sensitivity

2, Anti-scouring

3, Vibration resistance, wear resistance

4, good stability, high accuracy and long service life

Main tech data

Hardness of wear head: HRC60-65

Connection size: M27 × 2 NPT3 / 4

Accuracy class: Class 1

Protection level: IP65

Insulation resistance > 100MΩ (under normal temperature)

Test voltage: 500VDC

Electrical outlet: M20 × 1.5, NPT1 / 2

Note: Any special design or question of WZPN2-431 Abrasion resistant RTD,kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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