Explosion proof RTD

  • WZPK-44 Explosion proof RTD
WZPK-44 Explosion proof RTD

WZPK-44 Explosion proof RTD

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WZPK-44 Explosion proof RTD


WZPK-44 Explosion proof RTD as a temperature sensor, in the field of automation and control, the temperature signal can be converted into an electrical signal, which is passed to the display, recording and adjustment instruments to detect, adjust and control the system. In some places where flammable and explosive gases exist, Explosion-proof RTD must be used to prevent explosion.

Working principle

WZPK-44 Explosion proof RTD ordinary thermal resistance is to use the resistance of the substance itself to change with the change of temperature. Its heated part is evenly wound with a thin metal wire on a skeleton made of insulating material. When there is a temperature gradient in the measured medium, the measured temperature is the average temperature of the medium within the range of the temperature sensing element.On this basis, the junction box is made of high-strength aluminum alloy die-casting, which has enough space, thickness and strength. The thermal stability of the rubber sealing ring conforms to the national explosion-proof standard. When the explosive gas inside the junction box explodes, the electric spark inside will not leak to the outside of the junction box.


1, Temperature sensing element is compression spring type, has good shock resistance

2, No need for compensation wires, saving costs

3, High accuracy

4, Thin film resistance element, stable performance

Main tech data

1, Normal temperature insulation resistance

It is 15 ~ 35 ℃ at the ambient temperature, the relative humidity is not more than 80%, the test voltage is 10 ~ 100 V (DC), the insulation resistance between the electrode and the outer sleeve is ≥100M.

2, Product performance standards

IEC60751, GB / T30121-2013

JB / T8623-1997, GB26789-2011

3, Types of electrical equipment

Single-support connection method, Double-support connection method

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