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Armored RTD

  • WZPK-135S Armored RTD
WZPK-135S Armored RTD

WZPK-135S Armored RTD

  • Model:WZPK-135S
  • Graduation:Pt100,Cu50
  • Measuring range:-200~500
  • Structure:No fixtures
  • Description: XUNFEI Meter is professional manufacturer of WZPK-135S armored RTD, armored PT100 from China, which has good quality and high steady performance. Welcome to inquiry with us.

WZPK-135S Armored RTD


WZPK-135S Armored RTD is used as a temperature sensor. It has a smaller diameter than the assembled thermal resistance, is easy to bend, and has small shock resistance. It is suitable for installation where the assembled thermal resistance cannot be installed.

Working principle

WZPK-135S Armored RTD, under the effect of temperature, the resistance of the resistance wire changes with the change, and the display instrument will indicate the temperature value corresponding to the resistance value.


1, Small diameter and flexible length

2, High precision and excellent performance

3, Less thermal response time reduces dynamic errors

4, Stable and reliable material performance

Main tech data

1, Pt100 and Cu50

2, Three-wire system

3, Product implementation standard: IEC60751, GB/T30121-2013

4,Wiring:Single wiring and double branch wiring

5, Junction box form: Waterproof and Explosion-proof

Installation method

1, No fixture

2, Threaded

3, Flanged

Note: Any special design or question of WZPK-135S Armored RTD kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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