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Armored RTD

  • WZPK-103 WZPK2-103 Armored RTD
WZPK-103 WZPK2-103 Armored RTD

WZPK-103 WZPK2-103 Armored RTD

  • Model: WZPK-103 WZPK2-103
  • Measuring range: -200-500℃
  • Graduation:PT100
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Description: WZPK-103 WZPK2-103 armored RTD, armored PT100 manufacturer from China, which has good quality and high steady performance. Welcome to inquiry with us.

WZPK-103 WZPK2-103 Armored RTD


WZPK-103 WZPK2-103 Armored RTD is a kind of temperature sensor, which uses the characteristic that the resistance of a substance changes with the temperature change to measure the temperature. When the resistance value changes, the working instrument will display the temperature value corresponding to the resistance value. It is smaller in diameter than the assembled platinum resistance, easy to bend, and is suitable for installation in special occasions such as narrow pipelines and requiring rapid response and miniaturization. It can automatically detect gas, liquid medium and solid surface in the temperature range of -200~600℃


WZPK-103 WZPK2-103 Armored RTD

(1) High measurement accuracy;

(2) The diameter is small and the length is limited;

(3) Imported or domestic thin film resistor elements, reliable and stable performance;

Main tech data

WZPK-103 WZPK2-103 Armored RTD

Product performance standards:




Insulation resistance at room temperature;

The temperature of the thermal resistance is 15-35°C, the relative humidity is not more than 80%, and the test voltage is 10-100V (DC). The insulation resistance between the electrode and the outer tube is >100MΩ.

Note: Any special design or question of WZPK-103 WZPK2-103 Armored RTD kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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