Remote bimetallic thermometer

  • WSSP-581 Remote bimetallic thermometer
WSSP-581 Remote bimetallic thermometer

WSSP-581 Remote bimetallic thermometer

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WSSP-581 Remote bimetallic thermometer


WSSP-581 Remote bimetallic thermometer It is the integration of BI metal thermometer and thermocouple (resistance), which can not only meet the needs of the temperature measurement in field, but also meet the demand for long-distance transmission. It is able to directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas and solid surface within the range of -80℃~+500℃.

Working Principle

WSSP-581 Remote bimetallic thermometer is made of a metal sheet which is made into a ring and bend shape. When one end is heated and expanded, it will lead to the rotation of the pointer and the working instrument will show the temperature value of the thermal electric potential.


1. It can display the temperature on-site, which is intuitive and convenient

2. It is safe and reliable with long service life;

3. With a variety of structural forms, which can meet different requirements

Main tech data

1, Nominal diameter of dial:100,150

2, Thermal response time:40s

3, Precision grade:1.0,1.5

4, Thermocouple; I, 1.5℃; II, 2.5℃

5, Thermal resistance: A, + (0.15+0.005 It I), B, ± (0.30+0.005 It I)

6, Protection level:IP55

Note: Any special design or question of WSSP-581 Remote bimetallic thermometer, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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