Platinum-rhodium thermocouple

  • WRR2-130 WRR2-131 Platinum-rhodium thermocouple
WRR2-130 WRR2-131 Platinum-rhodium thermocouple

WRR2-130 WRR2-131 Platinum-rhodium thermocouple

  • Model: WRR2-130 WRR2-131
  • Type: B
  • Type: Waterproof type
  • Mearsure range: 0-1600℃
  • Description: WRR2-130 WRR2-131 platinum-rhodium thermocouple, B type thermocouplefrom China, Welcome to inquiry with us.

WRR2-130 WRR2-131 Platinum-rhodium thermocouple


WRR2-130 WRR2-131 Platinum-rhodium thermocouple as a sensor for measuring temperature, usually used in conjunction with display instruments, recording instruments, electronic computers, etc. Directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium and solid surface in the range of 0℃-1600℃ in various production processes. It is widely used in the measurement of high temperature in various production processes, such as glass, ceramics and industrial salt bath furnace. Its long-term working temperature is 1600 ℃, and short-term use can measure the temperature of 1800℃. Platinum rhodium thermocouple is also called high temperature precious metal thermocouple, platinum rhodium has single platinum rhodium and double platinum rhodium.

Working Principle

WRR2-130 WRR2-131 Platinum-rhodium thermocouple is formed by connecting two ends of two different conductors into a circuit. When the temperature of the two junctions is different, a thermal current will be generated in the circuit. If there is a temperature difference between the working end and the reference end of the thermocouple, the display instrument will indicate the temperature value corresponding to the thermoelectric potential generated by the thermocouple.




Wide temperature range,

Long service life

High temperature limit

Oxidizing and inert atmosphere

can also be used in vacuum for a short time

Main tech data

1,Measuring range:0-1600℃

2,The diameter of the even wire is specified as 0.5mm, and the allowable deviation is -0.015mm

3With ceramic end

4Generally flanged

Note: Any special design or question of WRR2-130 WRR2-131 Platinum-rhodium thermocouplekindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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