Anti-corrosive thermocouple

  • WRN-130F Anti-corrosive thermocouple
WRN-130F Anti-corrosive thermocouple

WRN-130F Anti-corrosive thermocouple

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WRN-130F Anti-corrosive thermocouple


The high-temperature WRN-130F Anti-corrosive thermocouple consists of high-temperature resistant alloy thermocouple wire, high-temperature anti-corrosion protection tube and anti-corrosion junction box. It is suitable for high temperature and corrosive occasions in various production processes. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, smelting glass, ceramics and chlor-alkali industries. Different corrosion-resistant materials can be selected according to the corrosion-resistant characteristics of the medium, and some are special anti-corrosion products specially developed for the special physical and chemical properties of a certain medium, and the fixed installation device and the junction box can also have anti-corrosion performance according to user needs , So as to meet the requirements of full anti-corrosion.

Working Principle

The electrode of the WRN-130F Anti-corrosive thermocouple is composed of two different conductor materials. When there is a temperature difference between the measuring end and the reference end, a thermoelectric potential will be generated, and the working instrument will display the temperature value corresponding to the thermoelectric potential.


1, Corrosion protection and long service life

2, Stable performance and reliable use

3, Excellent workmanship and high precision

Main tech data

1, Electrical outlet:M2.0*1.5, NPT1/2

2, Precision grade:2

3, Protection level: IP65

4, Covered with poly tetra fluoro ethylene F46

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