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  • WRN-130 Assembly thermocouple
WRN-130 Assembly thermocouple

WRN-130 Assembly thermocouple

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WRN-130 Assembly thermocouple


WRN-130 Assembly thermocouple is usually used in conjunction with display instruments, recording instruments, electronic computers, etc. Directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium and solid surface in the range of 0 ℃ -1300 ℃ in various production processes.

Working principle

Electrode of WRN-130 Assembly thermocouple is composed of two different conductor materials. When there is a temperature difference between the measuring terminal and the reference terminal, a thermoelectric potential is generated, and the working instrument displays the temperature value corresponding to the thermoelectric potential.


1, Simple assembly and easy replacement

2, Compression spring type temperature sensing element, good vibration resistance

3, Large measuring range

4, High mechanical strength and good pressure resistance

Main tech data

1, Product implementation standard: IEC584 ,GB/T30429-2013

2, Insulation resistance in normal temperature

The temperature of the thermocouple in the environment is 15 ~ 35 ℃, the relative humidity is 45% ~ 75%, the test voltage is 500 ± 50V (DC), the insulation resistance between the electrode and the outer sleeve is ≥1000MΩ.m.

3,Diameter of protective tube:φ16,φ20.

Note: Any special design or question of WRN-130 Assembly thermocouple, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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