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  • UHZ-203 Magnetic level gauge
UHZ-203 Magnetic level gauge

UHZ-203 Magnetic level gauge

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UHZ-203 Side-mounted magnetic level gauge


The UHZ-203 Side-mounted magnetic level gauge (high temperature and high-pressure type) is Ordinary side mounted magnetic level indicator is a new type site measuring instrument similar with direct reading level indicator, its main body is stainless steel, and it can totally replace the glass pipe(board) level indicator. Adopted with the principle of magnetic coupling, it can insulate the liquid medium and indicator totally, and it is safer and sounder for measuring the liquid medium which is flammable, explosive and poisonous.

The kind of level indicator features clear indication, easy observation. And there are three types for the field indicator, which are red/white flaps or flip ball, floating flap trailing. If matched with the remote instrument ,WCY-UBWCY-UK ,and WCY-500 digital indicator made by usand connected to DCS or PLC , it will be more convenient to realize the distance inspection ,control and alarm .

Main tech data

The UHZ-203 Side-mounted magnetic level gauge

Measuring range: 0~ 300mm --6000mm

Measuring accuracy: ±10mm

(Reversingcolunm diameter10mm)

Operating pressure: -0. 1MPa~ 16.0MPa

Operating temperature: 0~420℃

Medium density: ≥0.6g/cm3

Medium viscidity:≤0.02Pa.S

(Normal temperature)

Medium density difference:≥0.15g/cm3

Connection flange standard:HG20592~ 20635- 97

(GBJBJISANSI) Other standard on request Connection spec: DN2025; PN0.

Contact material: stainless steel 304 (316L)

Note: Any special design or question of UHZ-203 Side-mounted magnetic level gauge, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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