Temperature transmitter

  • SBWR-4180/240i Temperature transmitter
SBWR-4180/240i Temperature transmitter

SBWR-4180/240i Temperature transmitter

  • Model: SBWR-4180/240i
  • Shell protection grade: IP65
  • Ambient temperature:-25℃-80℃
  • Output:4~20mA DC singal
  • Description: XUNFEI Meter is professional manufacturer of SBWR-4180/240i temperature transmitter from China, which has good quality and high steady performance. Welcome to inquiry with us.

SBWR-4180/240i Explosion-proof temperature transmitter


The SBWR-4180/240i Explosion-proof temperature transmitter is a qualified explosion-proof product, and is an ideal temperature sensing integrated product for explosive environments which can be directly installed and used on site, measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium in the range of -200-800 ℃ in the production process, and convert the temperature signal into a proportional 4-20mA uniform output, which is displayed in Recorder or computer.Its explosion-proof performance meets the relevant national standards,


SBWR-4180/240i Explosion-proof temperature transmitter

1,High precision, low energy consumption, wide operating temperature range, stable and reliable operation

2,Transmitter components are miniaturized and placed in a junction box to become an integrated temperature transmitter

3,Direct output of 4-20mA at the industrial site not only saves the compensation line, but also improves the anti-interference ability during transmission.

4,The input and output terminals are isolated to increase the anti-interference ability, which is more suitable for computer use

Main tech data

1,Transmitter working power supply: minimum voltage 12V, maximum 35V, rated working voltage 24V

2,Transmission method: two-wire system

3,Output: output 4-20mA DC signal within the range

4,Ambient temperature:-25℃-80℃,(Hazardous location is not higher than 70 ℃)

5,Relative humidity: 5% -95%

6,The surrounding air does not contain media that cause the transmitter to corrode

7,Shell protection grade: IP65

Note:Any special design or question of SBWR-4180/240i Explosion-proof temperature transmitter ,kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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