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  • LGBK Orifice flowmeter
LGBK Orifice flowmeter

LGBK Orifice flowmeter

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LGBK Orifice flowmeter


LGBK Orifice flowmeter is a high-range ratio differential pressure flow device composed of standard orifice plate and multi-parameter differential pressure transmitter. It can measure the flow of gas, steam, liquid and natural gas, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power , Process control and measurement in heating, water supply and other fields.

Working principle

LGBK Orifice flowmeter, The fluid filled the pipeline flows through the throttle device in the pipeline, causing local contraction near the throttle, the flow velocity increases, and a static pressure difference is generated on both the upstream and downstream sides.

Under the condition that the relevant parameters are known, the flow rate can be obtained by deriving the relationship between the differential pressure and the flow rate according to the principle of flow continuity and the Bernoulli equation.


1,Simple and firm structure, stable and reliable performance, long service life

2,Wide range of applications

3,Orifice plate calculation adopts international standards and processing

Main tech data

Measuring gas: steam, compressed air, natural gas, biogas, etc

Accuracy class:±1.5%

Nominal diameter:DN15-DN2000

Flow range:110

Installation method: flange type, wafer type, compact type, pipeline type, welding type

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