Magnetic flowmeter

  • LDCK-65 Magnetic flowmeter
LDCK-65 Magnetic flowmeter

LDCK-65 Magnetic flowmeter

  • Model:LDCK-65
  • Measuring range:0-50m3/h
  • Working temperature:100 ℃
  • Structure:Flange
  • Description: XUNFEI Meter is professional manufacturer of LDCK-65 magnetic flowmeter from China, which has good quality and high steady performance. Welcome to inquiry with us.

LDCK-65 Magnetic flowmeter


LDCK-65 Magnetic flowmeter is an instrument used to measure the fluid flow in the pipeline.The magnetic flowmeter is composed of a sensor and a converter. It is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. It is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid with conductivity greater than 5μS / cm.It can measure the volume flow rate of general conductive liquids, and can also be used to measure the volume flow rate of strong corrosive liquids. It is widely used in the flow measurement of industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, papermaking, environmental protection, food and municipal management, water conservancy construction, river dredging and other fields.

Working principle

LDCK-65 Magnetic flowmeter according to Faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction, a pair of detection electrodes are installed on the tube wall perpendicular to the axis of the measuring tube and the magnetic force line.


1, Measurements are not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity

2, Full digital processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement and high precision

3,With self-check and self-diagnosis function

4, No blocking parts in the measuring tube, no pressure loss

Main tech data

1.Repeatability error: ± 0.1% of measured value

2.Accuracy level: 0.5 level, 1.0 level

3.Velocity range: 0.5-10m / s

4.Connection method: Flange connection is used between the flowmeter and the piping

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