Ultrasonic level gauge

  • HCUS-500 Ultrasonic level gauge
HCUS-500 Ultrasonic level gauge

HCUS-500 Ultrasonic level gauge

  • Model: HCUS-500
  • Power supply: AC220V, DC24V
  • Ambient temperature: -25℃-55℃
  • Analog output: 4-20mA
  • Description: HCUS-500 ultrasonic level gauge from China, which has good quality and high steady performance. Welcome to inquiry with us.

HCUS-500 Ultrasonic level gauge


HCUS-500 Ultrasonic level gauge is an intelligent non-corrosion liquid level measuring instrument. The product has automatic power adjustment and gain control. Temperature compensation. The use of advanced detection technology and calculation technology. Improve the measurement accuracy of the instrument, have interference echo Suppression function to ensure the authenticity of measurement results. The product can be widely used for the measurement of liquid level and solid level of various liquids, and can also be used for distance measurement.

Working principle

HCUS-500 Ultrasonic level gauge is under the control of the microprocessor. The ultrasonic wave is transmitted and received. The propagation time t of the ultrasonic wave in the air is used to calculate the distance s between the ultrasonic sensor and the measured object, because the speed c of sound wave propagation in the air is certain , Then according to: s=ct/2, s can be calculated, and because the distance H between the ultrasonic sensor and the bottom of the container is fixed. Then the object (liquid) level of the measured object h=H-S.


HCUS-500 Ultrasonic level gauge

1,Automatic power adjustment, gain control, temperature compensation

2,Advanced detection technology, rich software functions, adapt to various complex environments

3,The sensor uses PTFE material, which can be used in various corrosive occasions

4,Multiple output forms: programmable relay output, high precision 4-20mA current

Main tech data

HCUS-500 Ultrasonic level gauge

Power supply: AC220V, DC24V

Ambient temperature: -25℃-55℃

Protection level: IP65

Analog output: 4-20mA, two-wire system (four-wire system optional, relay output optional)

Note:Any special design or question of HCUS-500 Ultrasonic level gauge, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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