Differential pressure gauge

  • CYW-153B Differential pressure gauge
CYW-153B Differential pressure gauge

CYW-153B Differential pressure gauge

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CYW-153B Differential pressure gauge


CYW-153B Differential pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the differential pressure, flow rate and other parameters of various liquid (gas) media in the process flow of industrial sectors such as chemical industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, nuclear power, etc.The instrument structure is all made of stainless steel. The instrument adopts double bellows structure, that is, two bellows are installed at symmetrical positions on both sides of the "I" shaped bracket. The upper and lower ends of the "work" shaped bracket are the movable end and the fixed end, respectively, and the middle is connected by a spring piece; the two bellows are in a parallel state, and are respectively connected by a high and low pressure joint on the watch case with a conduit; gear transmission mechanism Installed directly on the fixed end of the bracket, and connected to the movable end of the bracket through the rod; the dial is directly fixed on the gear transmission mechanism.

Working principle

CYW-153B Differential pressure gauge is based on the pressure-sensitive element using two bellows with the same stiffness, so it is forced to produce the same concentrated force on the movable bracket under the same measured medium, because the two sides of the spring are under the same moment There is no deflection, so the bracket is still in the original position, so the gear transmission mechanism does not move, the pointer is still at the zero position.


1,Adopt special structure, reasonable design

2,Advanced technology

3,Small size, light weight and good stability

4,Long service life, novel appearance and strong adaptability

Main tech data

1,Shell protection grade: IP54

2,Working environment temperature: -40 70

3,Weight: about 1.5kg

4,Anti-vibration in working environment: V.H.3

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