DP transmitter

  • 3151DP/1199RTW DP transmitter
3151DP/1199RTW DP transmitter

3151DP/1199RTW DP transmitter

  • Model:3151DP/1199RTW
  • Operating temperature:-29~+93℃
  • Structure:Flange
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Description: XUNFEI Meter is professional manufacturer of 3151DP/1199RTW DP transmitter, differential pressure transmitter from China, which has good quality and high steady performance. Welcome to inquiry with u

3151DP/1199RTW Double flanges DP transmitter


3151DP/1199RTW Double flanges DP transmitter is a new type of transmitter with features such as advanced design principles, complete varieties and specifications, and easy installation and use.The series of equipment can be directly replaced in installation, with strong versatility and substitution capabilities. In order to adapt to the continuous improvement and development of the domestic automation level, in addition to the small and exquisite design, the double-flange differential pressure transmitter has also introduced intelligent functions with HART fieldbus protocol.


3151DP/1199RTW Double flanges DP transmitter

1.Good stability;

2.Two-wire system;

3.Solid components, plug-in printed circuit boards;

4.Small, light, strong and anti-vibration;

5.The range and zero point are continuously adjustable externally;

6.Positive migration can reach 500%; negative migration can reach 600%;

7.Adjustable damping;

8.Good one-way overload protection characteristics;

9.No mechanical moving parts, less maintenance work;

Main tech data

1.Use object: liquid, gas and vapor

2.Measuring range: 0-0.1kPa to 0-40MPa

3.Output signal: 4~20mA DC (specially available for four-wire 220V AC power supply, 0~10mA DC output)

4.Power supply: 12~45V DC, generally 24V DC

5.Load characteristics: It is related to the power supply. The load capacity at a certain power supply voltage is shown in Figure 2. The relationship between load impedance RL and power supply voltage VS is RL≤50 (VS-12)

6.Temperature range: amplifier working temperature range: -29~+93℃ (LT type: -25~+70℃), measuring element filled with silicone oil: -40~+104℃, flange type transmitter filling When high temperature silicone oil: +15~+315℃, ordinary silicone oil: -40~+150℃

Note:Any special design or question of 3151DP/1199RTW Double flanges DP transmitter, kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.




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